Sun Protection Partner to the 51’s Aquelle Midmar Mile


Ocean Freedom are proud to be the sunscreen partner of the 51st Aquelle Midmar Mile. The Worlds Largest Open Water Swim. Location: Midmar Dam Date:  10-11 February 2024 Images provided by the Midmar Mile & Ocean Freedom #oceanfreedom #openwaterswimming #swim #durban #midmarmile #sunscreen #spf  

Ocean Freedom proud sun protection partners of the 2024 Around the Rocks Extreme Swim

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Ocean Freedom proud sun protection partners of the Around the Rocks Extreme Swim event run by @bigbayevents. This popular swim is the oldest organized ocean swim in Cape Town with a swim distance of +- 2500m swimming around the Big Bay rock islands in water temperature between 12 -15 degrees. Location:  @bigbaysurflifesaving Date: Saturday 27 […]

Why choose paraben and sulphate free sunscreen

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In recent years, there has been a growing awareness and concern among consumers about the potential health risks associated with certain chemical ingredients commonly found in personal care products. Two such ingredients that have gained considerable attention are parabens and sulphates. Many individuals are now choosing to switch to paraben and sulphate-free products, driven by […]

Ocean Freedom provides sun protection for riders at the 2023 Cape Epic

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The Untamed African MTB Race Ocean Freedom sunscreen is specifically formulated to provide long-lasting sun protection, matching the harsh conditions & challenging nature of the Cape Epic. As a CANSA Seal of recognition partner we provided Absa Cape Epic riders with sunscreen at the half way water stations daily over the course of the gruelling […]

Is Sunscreen Waterproof?


IS SUNSCREEN WATERPROOF? Sunscreen is not waterproof Sunscreen can be “Water Resistant”. In order to make the claim of “water resistant” a sunscreen must pass a test to prove that it maintained SPF levels after exposure to water or sweat. The claims of water resistance is for 40 minutes and the claim for very water […]