Ocean Freedom Lycra Swimming Cap

Lycra Swimming Cap

Dive into a world of comfort and performance with the Ocean Freedom Lycra Swimming Cap, designed to elevate your swimming experience. Crafted with premium Lycra material, this swimming cap offers a multitude of benefits that enhance both comfort and functionality in the water.

1.  Comfort:

The Ocean Freedom Lycra Swimming Cap is renowned for its lightweight feel that ensures a comfortable fit without causing irritation. Its stretchy fabric gently conforms to your head shape, providing a snug yet breathable sensation that stays comfortable even during extended wear.

2.  Fit and Flexibility:

Featuring excellent elasticity, this swimming cap offers a secure fit that reduces drag in the water.

3. Protection from UV Rays:

Engineered with UV protection and chlorine resistance, the Ocean Freedom Lycra Swimming Cap shields your hair and scalp from harmful sun rays. This feature is especially beneficial for avid swimmers who spend prolonged periods in the sun.

4. Quick-Drying and Easy Maintenance:

Designed for convenience, the Lycra material dries quickly after use, preventing discomfort and odor buildup. Its easy-care properties simplify maintenance, making it a practical choice for frequent swimmers seeking hassle-free gear.

5. Stylish and Versatile Design:

Available in a variety of vibrant colors the Ocean Freedom Lycra Swimming Cap combines style with functionality.

6. Eco-Friendly Construction:

Made from recycled lycra materials, this environmentally friendly swimming cap aligns with sustainable practices, minimizing its impact on the environment while maximizing performance.

7. Size and Colour:

These Ocean Freedom Lycra Swimming caps are available in both adult and children sizes and a variety of colours.


To buy your own Ocean Freedom Lycra Swimming Cap click here: https://oceanfreedom.com/product/lycra-swimming-cap/



  • Quick drying
  • Strong and durable
  • UPF50+
  • Chlorine reistant
  • Comfortable and easy to fit
  • Stiched panels and elasticated edge
  • Children Size: Head Circumference 51cm-53cm
  • Adult Size: Head Circumference 54cm-56cm



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