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The difference between water resistant and very water resistant sunscreen

The terms “water resistant” and “very water resistant” are often used to describe the effectiveness of sunscreen in maintaining its protective properties when exposed to water.

Water resistant sunscreen is designed to maintain its effectiveness for a certain period of time, typically 40 when in contact with water or during activities that cause sweating. It offers a moderate level of protection against water, but it will eventually wash off or wear off with prolonged exposure to water or excessive sweating. Reapplication is necessary after the specified time to ensure continued protection.

On the other hand, “very water resistant” sunscreen provides a higher level of protection against water. It is formulated to maintain its effectiveness for an extended period, usually 80 minutes or more, even when immersed in water or during intense water-based activities. This type of sunscreen is more resistant to being washed off or wearing off, but reapplication is still recommended after the specified time to maintain optimal protection.

It’s important to note that both water resistant and very water resistant sunscreens should be reapplied regularly, especially after swimming or towel-drying, to ensure proper coverage and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.




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