Ocean Freedom is a purpose developed range of sunscreens and merch for everyday use for individuals and families that love to live outdoors.

With over 25 years experience in product development and a strong foothold in the sport, lifestyle and outdoor industries, our passion for creating functional products remains unwavering. Through our journey we have strived to blend innvolation and practicality, catering for the ever evolving needs and aspirations of our discerning customers.

Our collection of innovative products is designed to equip and inspire you to live free and spend more time in nature. Our sun care products are developed, tested and authentically proven under the harsh African sun.

Our sunscreens have been awarded the CANSA Seal of Recognition denoting Ocean Freedom sunscreens as CANSA Smart Choice sunscreen products for cancer risk reduction. A portion of Ocean Freedom sales support’s cancer research.

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that a product is only as good as its ability to solve a problem or enhance an experience. We have dedicated countless hours to meticulous research and development, working closely with experts in various fields to ensure that every new creation meets the highest standards of functionality and performance.